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Accepted name: tyramine—L-glutamate ligase

Reaction: ATP + tyramine + L-glutamate = ADP + phosphate + γ-glutamyltyramine

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Other name(s): mfnD (gene name)

Systematic name: tyramine:L-glutamate γ-ligase (ADP-forming)

Comments: The enzyme, which has been characterized from the archaebacterium Methanocaldococcus fervens, participates in the biosynthesis of the cofactor methanofuran. Requires a divalent cation for activity, with Mn2+ giving the highest activity, followed by Mg2+, Co2+, Zn2+, and Fe2+.

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1. Wang, Y., Xu, H., Harich, K.C. and White, R.H. Identification and characterization of a tyramine-glutamate ligase (MfnD) Involved in methanofuran biosynthesis. Biochemistry 53 (2014) 6220-6230. [PMID: 25211225]

[EC created 2014]

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