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Accepted name: P-type Mg2+ transporter

Reaction: ATP + H2O + Mg2+[side 1] = ADP + phosphate + Mg2+[side 2]

Other name(s): Mg2+-transporting P-type ATPase; Mg2+-transporting ATPase; Mg2+-importing ATPase; magnesium-translocating P-type ATPase; mgtA (gene name); mgtB (gene name)

Systematic name: ATP phosphohydrolase (P-type, Mg2+-importing)

Comments: A P-type ATPase that undergoes covalent phosphorylation during the transport cycle. A bacterial enzyme that imports Mg2+ with, rather than against, the Mg2+ electrochemical gradient. The enzyme is also involved in Ni2+ import.

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1. Snavely, M.D., Miller, C.G. and Maguire, M.E. The mgtB Mg2+ transport locus of Salmonella typhimurium encodes a P-type ATPase. J. Biol. Chem 266 (1991) 815-823. [PMID: 1824701]

2. Maguire, M.E. MgtA and MgtB: prokaryotic P-type ATPases that mediate Mg2+ influx. J. Bioenerg. Biomembr. 24 (1992) 319-328. [PMID: 1328179]

3. Tao, T., Snavely, M.D., Farr, S.G. and Maguire, M.E. Magnesium transport in Salmonella typhimurium: mtgA encodes a P-type ATPase and is regulated by Mg2+ in a manner similar to that of the mgtB P-type ATPase. J. Bacteriol. 177 (1995) 2654-2662. [PMID: 7751273]

[EC created 2000 as EC, modified 2001, transferred 2018 to EC]

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