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Accepted name: protein-secreting ATPase

Reaction: ATP + H2O + cellular protein[side 1] = ADP + phosphate + cellular protein[side 2]

Systematic name: ATP phosphohydrolase (protein-secreting)

Comments: A non-phosphorylated, non-ABC (ATP-binding cassette) ATPase that is involved in protein transport. There are several families of enzymes included here, e.g. ATP-hydrolysing enzymes of the general secretory pathway (Sec or Type II), of the virulence-related secretory pathway (Type III) and of the conjugal DNA-protein transfer pathway (Type IV). Type II enzymes occur in bacteria, archaea and eucarya, whereas type III and type IV enzymes occur in bacteria where they form components of a multi-subunit complex.

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[EC created 2000 as EC, transferred 2018 to EC]

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