Xanthan Biosynthesis

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UDP-glucose and UDP-glucuronic acid biosynthesis
GDP-mannose biosynthesis
undecaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis
EC GlcA-β-(1→2)-D-Man-α-(1→3)-D-Glc-β-(1→4)-D-Glc-α-1-diphosphoundecaprenol 4-β-mannosyltransferase
EC GDP-mannose:cellobiosyl-diphosphopolyprenol α-mannosyltransferase
EC D-Man-α-(1→3)-D-Glc-β-(1→4)-D-Glc-α-1-diphosphoundecaprenol 2-β-glucuronyltransferase
EC xanthan ketal pyruvate transferase
EC undecaprenyl-phosphate glucose phosphotransferase
EC undecaprenyl-diphosphate phosphatase