Current and future activities

A document on the nomenclature of glycolipids will be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry as soon as it is officially approved by IUPAC. It is hoped that other journals will reprint these recommendations. A document on the nomenclature of cyclic peptides will soon be completed. Recommendations on the nomenclature of lignans and neolignans are being worked on actively.

Plans for the future

The nomenclature committees of IUBMB believe that the following fields should be covered in the future by new documents or revision of existing documents. They wish to know if this opinion is shared by the biochemical community. Comments and suggestions for names of possible convenors and of members of the future panels are welcome. The fields are as follows: prostaglandins and thromboxanes; phosphorus-containing compounds (revision); ubiquitin; phycobiliproteins; gene-family nomenclature; numbering systems for nucleic acids and amino acids; initiation, elongation and termination factors for translation in eukaryotes (revision); glucuronyltransferases and glycosylhydrolases; and - as already mentioned in the Enzyme section of this newsletter - monooxygenases, protein kinases/phosphatases, restriction enzymes and other nucleases, RNA enzymes (ribozymes) and other catalytic molecules.

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