Enzyme nomenclature

An overall view of enzyme nomenclature is available at the address:


This page includes links to individual documents, and the number of these will increase as more newly classified enzymes are included and more sections of the enzyme list are revised. Those already present are:

Enzyme Supplement 5, 1999 (various additions and corrections)

EC 3.4. Peptidases

These are updates of the published list, Enzyme Nomenclature 1992 (Academic Press, San Diego, California, 0-12-227164-5 (hardback), ISBN 0-12-227165-3 (paperback)). This address will also carry proposals for new revisions before they are approved as changes to the list; we invite suggestions on all such proposals. EC 3.4 incorporates changes approved in Enzyme Supplement 4 (1997) (Eur. J. Biochem. 1997, 250, 1-6).

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