Other Recommendations

Nomenclature of Translation Factors

As the result of discussion in a panel convened by the IUBMB Interest Group Programme, Clark et al. (1996, Biochimie 78, 1119-1122) published recommendations on naming translation factors. They may be regarded as an update of Safer (1989, Eur. J. Biochem. 186, 1-3; Biochemical Nomenclature and Related Documents, 2nd edition, Portland Press, 1992, pp. 90-92). We recommend that they should be followed.

Presentation of NMR structures of proteins and nucleic acids

Previous recommendations for specifying the conformations of proteins and nucleic acids have been developed and modified in 'Recommendations for the presentation of NMR structures of proteins and nucleic acids (IUPAC Recommendations 1998)'. These are published in Pure Appl. Chem. 1998, 70, 117-142 (correction on p. 1318); Eur. J. Biochem. 1998, 256, 1-15; J. Biomol. NMR, 1998, 12, 1-23.

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