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Accepted name: 4-hydroxy-3-prenylbenzoate synthase

Reaction: 4-hydroxy-3-prenylmandelate + O2 = 4-hydroxy-3-prenylbenzoate + CO2 + H2O

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Other name(s): CloR; novR (gene name)

Systematic name: 4-hydroxy-3-prenylmandelate:oxygen oxidoreductase (4-hydroxy-3-prenylbenzoate forming)

Comments: Isolated from the bacterium Streptomyces roseochromogenes DS 12976. A bifunctional enzyme involved in clorobiocin biosynthesis that also catalyses the activity of EC, 4-hydroxy-3-prenylphenylpyruvate oxygenase.

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1. Pojer, F., Kahlich, R., Kammerer, B., Li, S.M. and Heide, L. CloR, a bifunctional non-heme iron oxygenase involved in clorobiocin biosynthesis. J. Biol. Chem. 278 (2003) 30661-30668. [PMID: 12777382]

[EC created 2017]

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