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Accepted name: (–)-pluviatolide synthase

Reaction: (–)-matairesinol + [reduced NADPH—hemoprotein reductase] + O2 = (–)-pluviatolide + [oxidized NADPH—hemoprotein reductase] + 2 H2O

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Glossary: (–)-matairesinol = 3R,4R)-3,4-bis[(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)methyl]oxolan-2-one
(–)-pluviatolide = ((3R,4R)-4-(2H-1,3-benzodioxol-5-ylmethyl)-3-[(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)methyl]oxolan-2-one

Other name(s): CYP719A23 (gene name)

Systematic name: (–)-matairesinol,[reduced NADPH—hemoprotein reductase]:oxygen oxidoreductase (methylenedioxy-bridge-forming)

Comments: A cytochrome P-450 (heme-thiolate) protein. The enzyme from the plants Sinopodophyllum hexandrum and Podophyllum peltatum catalyses the formation of a methylenedioxy-bridge. It is involved in the biosynthesis of podophyllotoxin, a non-alkaloid toxin lignan whose derivatives are important anticancer drugs.

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1. Marques, J.V., Kim, K.W., Lee, C., Costa, M.A., May, G.D., Crow, J.A., Davin, L.B. and Lewis, N.G. Next generation sequencing in predicting gene function in podophyllotoxin biosynthesis. J. Biol. Chem. 288 (2013) 466-479. [PMID: 23161544]

[EC created 2016 as EC, transferred 2018 to EC]

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