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Accepted name: arogenate dehydrogenase (NADP+)

Reaction: L-arogenate + NADP+ = L-tyrosine + NADPH + CO2

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Glossary: L-arogenate = 1-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxyethyl]-4-hydroxycyclohexa-2,5-diene-1-carboxylate

Other name(s): arogenic dehydrogenase (ambiguous); pretyrosine dehydrogenase (ambiguous); TyrAAT1; TyrAAT2; TyrAa

Systematic name: L-arogenate:NADP+ oxidoreductase (decarboxylating)

Comments: Arogenate dehydrogenases may utilize NAD+ (EC, NADP+ (EC, or both EC NADP+-dependent enzymes usually predominate in higher plants.The enzyme from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and the TyrAAT1 isoform of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana cannot use prephenate as a substrate, while the Arabidopsis isoform TyrAAT2 can use it very poorly [2,3].

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1. Gaines, C.G., Byng, G.S., Whitaker, R.J. and Jensen, R.A. L-Tyrosine regulation and biosynthesis via arogenate dehydrogenase in suspension-cultured cells of Nicotiana silvestris Speg. et Comes. Planta 156 (1982) 233-240.

2. Rippert, P. and Matringe, M. Purification and kinetic analysis of the two recombinant arogenate dehydrogenase isoforms of Arabidopsis thaliana. Eur. J. Biochem. 269 (2002) 4753-4761. [PMID: 12354100]

3. Bonner, C.A., Jensen, R.A., Gander, J.E. and Keyhani, N.O. A core catalytic domain of the TyrA protein family: arogenate dehydrogenase from Synechocystis. Biochem. J. 382 (2004) 279-291. [PMID: 15171683]

[EC created 2005]

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