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Accepted name: ferredoxin:protochlorophyllide reductase (ATP-dependent)

Reaction: chlorophyllide a + oxidized ferredoxin + 2 ADP + 2 phosphate = protochlorophyllide a + reduced ferredoxin + 2 ATP + 2 H2O

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Other name(s): light-independent protochlorophyllide reductase

Systematic name: ATP-dependent ferredoxin:protochlorophyllide-a 7,8-oxidoreductase

Comments: Occurs in photosynthetic bacteria, cyanobacteria, green algae and gymnosperms. The enzyme catalyses trans-reduction of the D-ring of protochlorophyllide; the product has the (7S,8S)-configuration. Unlike EC (protochlorophyllide reductase), light is not required. The enzyme contains a [4Fe-4S] cluster, and structurally resembles the Fe protein/MoFe protein complex of nitrogenase (EC, which catalyses an ATP-driven reduction.

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1. Fujita, Y., Matsumoto, H., Takahashi, Y. and Matsubara, H. Identification of a nifDK-like gene (ORF467) involved in the biosynthesis of chlorophyll in the cyanobacterium Plectonema boryanum. Plant Cell Physiol. 34 (1993) 305-314. [PMID: 8199775]

2. Nomata, J., Ogawa, T., Kitashima, M., Inoue, K. and Fujita, Y. NB-protein (BchN-BchB) of dark-operative protochlorophyllide reductase is the catalytic component containing oxygen-tolerant Fe-S clusters. FEBS Lett. 582 (2008) 1346-1350. [PMID: 18358835]

3. Muraki, N., Nomata, J., Ebata, K., Mizoguchi, T., Shiba, T., Tamiaki, H., Kurisu, G. and Fujita, Y. X-ray crystal structure of the light-independent protochlorophyllide reductase. Nature 465 (2010) 110-114. [PMID: 20400946]

[EC created 2011, modified 2013]

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