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Accepted name: mannosylglycerate synthase

Reaction: GDP-α-D-mannose + D-glycerate = GDP + 2-O-(α-D-mannopyranosyl)-D-glycerate

Systematic name: GDP-α-D-mannose:D-glycerate 2-α-D-mannosyltransferase

Comments: Rhodothermus marinus can also form mannosylglycerate via a two-step pathway catalysed by EC (mannosyl-3-phosphoglycerate synthase) and EC (mannosyl-3-phosphoglycerate phosphatase) [1]. Depending on experimental conditions mannosylglycerate synthase is more or less specific for the GDP-mannose and D-glycerate [1,2].

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1. Martins, L.O., Empadinhas, N., Marugg, J.D., Miguel, C., Ferreira, C., da Costa, M.S. and Santos, H. Biosynthesis of mannosylglycerate in the thermophilic bacterium Rhodothermus marinus. Biochemical and genetic characterization of a mannosylglycerate synthase. J. Biol. Chem. 274 (1999) 35407-35414. [PMID: 10585410]

2. Flint, J., Taylor, E., Yang, M., Bolam, D.N., Tailford, L.E., Martinez-Fleites, C., Dodson, E.J., Davis, B.G., Gilbert, H.J. and Davies, G.J. Structural dissection and high-throughput screening of mannosylglycerate synthase. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 12 (2005) 608-614. [PMID: 15951819]

[EC created 2011]

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