Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NC-IUBMB)

Enzyme Nomenclature. Recommendations

EC 2.7

Transferring phosphorus-containing groups


EC 2.7.1 Phosphotransferases with an alcohol group as acceptor

EC 2.7.2 Phosphotransferases with a carboxy group as acceptor

EC 2.7.3 Phosphotransferases with a nitrogenous group as acceptor

EC 2.7.4 Phosphotransferases with a phosphate group as acceptor

EC 2.7.5 Phosphotransferases with regeneration of donors, apparently catalysing intramolecular transfers

EC 2.7.6 Diphosphotransferases

EC 2.7.7 Nucleotidyltransferases

EC 2.7.8 Transferases for other substituted phosphate groups

EC 2.7.9 Phosphotransferases with paired acceptors

EC 2.7.10 Protein-tyrosine kinases

EC 2.7.11 Protein-serine/threonine kinases

EC 2.7.12 Dual-specificity kinases (those acting on Ser/Thr and Tyr residues)

EC 2.7.13 Protein-histidine kinases

EC 2.7.14 Protein-arginine kinases

EC 2.7.99 Other protein kinases

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