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Accepted name: acetate kinase

Reaction: ATP + acetate = ADP + acetyl phosphate

Other name(s): acetokinase; AckA; AK; acetic kinase; acetate kinase (phosphorylating)

Systematic name: ATP:acetate phosphotransferase

Comments: Requires Mg2+ for activity. While purified enzyme from Escherichia coli is specific for acetate [4], others have found that the enzyme can also use propanoate as a substrate, but more slowly [7]. Acetate can be converted into the key metabolic intermediate acetyl-CoA by coupling acetate kinase with EC, phosphate acetyltransferase. Both this enzyme and EC, propionate kinase, play important roles in the production of propanoate [9].

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[EC created 1961, modified 2005]

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