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Accepted name: lombricine kinase

Reaction: ATP + lombricine = ADP + N-phospholombricine

Systematic name: ATP:lombricine N-phosphotransferase

Comments: Also acts on methylated lombricines such as thalassemine; the specificity varies with the source species.

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1. Gaffney, T.J., Rosenberg, H. and Ennor, A.H. The purification and properties of adenosine triphosphate-lombricine phosphotransferase. Biochem. J. 90 (1964) 170-176. [PMID: 5832288]

2. Kassab, R., Pradel, L.A. and Thoai, N.V. ATP:taurocyamine and ATP:lombricine phosphotransferases. Purification and study of SH groups. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 99 (1965) 397-405. [PMID: 5840960]

3. Pant, R. Isolation of lombricine and its enzymatic phosphorylation. Biochem. J. 73 (1959) 30-33.

4. Thoai, N.V., Robin, Y. and Guillou, Y. A new phosphagen, N'-phosphorylguanidinoethylphospho-O-(α-N,N-dimethyl)serine (phosphothalassemine). Biochemistry 11 (1972) 3890-3895. [PMID: 5079888]

[EC created 1965, modified 1976]

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