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Accepted name: polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase

Reaction: RNAn+1 + phosphate = RNAn + a nucleoside diphosphate

Other name(s): polynucleotide phosphorylase; PNPase (ambiguous); nucleoside diphosphate:polynucleotidyl transferase; polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase; polynucleotide phosphorylase; polyribonucleotide phosphorylase

Systematic name: polyribonucleotide:phosphate nucleotidyltransferase

Comments: ADP, IDP, GDP, UDP and CDP can act as donors.

Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, Metacyc, PDB, CAS registry number: 9014-12-4


1. Hakim, A.A. Synthetic activity of polynucleotide phosphorylase from sperm. Nature 183 (1959) 334 only.

2. Littauer, U.Z. and Kornberg, A. Reversible synthesis of polyribonucleotides with an enzyme from Escherichia coli. J. Biol. Chem. 226 (1957) 1077-1092.

3. Ochoa, S. and Mii, S. Enzymatic synthesis of polynucleotides. IV. Purification and properties of polynucleotide phosphorylase from Azotobacter vinelandii. J. Biol. Chem. 236 (1961) 3303-3311.

[EC created 1961]

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