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Accepted name: [3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (2-methylpropanoyl-transferring)]-phosphatase

Reaction: [3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (2-methylpropanoyl-transferring)] phosphate + H2O = [3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (2-methylpropanoyl-transferring)] + phosphate

Glossary: lipoyl group

Other name(s): branched-chain oxo-acid dehydrogenase phosphatase; branched-chain 2-keto acid dehydrogenase phosphatase; branched-chain α-keto acid dehydrogenase phosphatase; BCKDH (ambiguous); [3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (lipoamide)]-phosphatase

Systematic name: [3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (2-methylpropanoyl-transferring)]-phosphate phosphohydrolase

Comments: A mitochondrial enzyme associated with the 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase complex. Simultaneously dephosphorylates and activates EC 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (2-methylpropanoyl-transferring), that has been inactivated by phosphorylation.

Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, Metacyc, CAS registry number: 87244-20-0 and 88086-29-7


1. Fatania, H.R., Patston, P.A. and Randle, P.J. Dephosphorylation and reactivation of phosphorylated purified ox-kidney branched-chain dehydrogenase complex by co-purified phosphatase. FEBS Lett. 158 (1983) 234-238. [PMID: 6307746]

2. Reed, L.J., Damuni, Z. and Merryfield, M.L. Regulation of mammalian pyruvate and branched-chain α-keto acid dehydrogenase complexes by phosphorylation-dephosphorylation. Curr. Top. Cell. Regul. 27 (1985) 41-49. [PMID: 3004826]

[EC created 1986]

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