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Accepted name: bisphosphomevalonate decarboxylase

Reaction: (R)-3,5-bisphosphomevalonate = isopentenyl phosphate + CO2 + phosphate

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Other name(s): mevalonate 3,5-bisphosphate decarboxylase

Systematic name: (R)-3,5-bisphosphomevalonate carboxy-lyase (isopentenyl-phosphate-forming)

Comments: The enzyme participates in an alternative mevalonate pathway that takes place in extreme acidophiles of the Thermoplasmatales order. cf. EC, phosphomevalonate decarboxylase.

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1. Vinokur, J.M., Cummins, M.C., Korman, T.P. and Bowie, J.U. An adaptation to life in acid through a novel mevalonate pathway. Sci Rep 6 (2016) 39737. [PMID: 28004831]

[EC created 2018]

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