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Accepted name: 21S rRNA pseudouridine2819 synthase

Reaction: 21S rRNA uridine2819 = 21S rRNA pseudouridine2819

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Other name(s): Pus5p

Systematic name: 21S rRNA-uridine2819 uracil mutase

Comments: The enzyme specifically acts on uridine2819 in 21S rRNA.

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1. Ansmant, I., Massenet, S., Grosjean, H., Motorin, Y. and Branlant, C. Identification of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RNA:pseudouridine synthase responsible for formation of psi(2819) in 21S mitochondrial ribosomal RNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 28 (2000) 1941-1946. [PMID: 10756195]

[EC created 2011]

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