Pseudouridine Synthase


Mechanism based on Miracco, E.J. and Mueller, E.G. The products of 5-fluorouridine by the action of the pseudouridine synthase TruB disfavor one mechanism and suggest another. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133 (2011) 11826-11829. [PMID: 21744792]

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EC tRNA pseudouridine38-40 synthase
EC 16S rRNA pseudouridine516 synthase
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine2457 synthase
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine2604 synthase
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine2605 synthase
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine1911/1915/1917 synthase
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine955/2504/2580 synthase
EC tRNA pseudouridine55 synthase
EC tRNA pseudouridine65 synthase
EC tRNA pseudouridine13 synthase
EC tRNA pseudouridine32 synthase
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine746 synthase
EC tRNA pseudouridine31 synthase
EC 21S rRNA pseudouridine2819 synthase
EC mitochondrial tRNA pseudouridine27/28 synthase
EC tRNA pseudouridine38/39 synthase