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Accepted name: plus-end-directed kinesin ATPase

Reaction: ATP + H2O + a kinesin associated with a microtubule at position n = ADP + phosphate a kinesin associated with a microtubule at position n+1 (toward the plus end)

Other name(s): kinesin

Systematic name: kinesin ATP phosphohydrolase (plus-end-directed)

Comments: Kinesins are a family of motor proteins that move unidirectionally along microtubules as they hydrolyse ATP. The enzymes described here move towards the plus end of the microtubule, in contrast to EC, dynein ATPase and EC, minus-end-directed kinesin ATPase. They are involved in organelle movement in mitosis and meiosis, and also power vesicular trafficking toward the synapse in neurons. The motor domain, which contains the ATP- and microtubule-binding activities, is located at the N-terminus while the C-terminus links to the cargo being transported.

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[EC created 2000 as, transferred 2018 to EC]

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