Classification of Membrane Transport Proteins

Continued from class 4

Classification of Transport Proteins According to Substrate Specificity

5. Cellular Macromolecular Export Systems (excluding porins)


VII.A. Carbohydrates
VII.B. Proteins
VII.C. Nucleic acids
VII.D. Lipids

VII.A. Carbohydrates

Substrate TC numberFamilyEnergy sourceDomain of organismsa
Capsular polysaccharide 3.A.1.101.1 ABC ATP B
Exopolysaccharide 9.A.1.2.1-2 PST ATP/PMF?B
b-Glucan 3.A.1.108.1 ABC ATP G-
Lipooligosaccharide 2.A.6.3.1 RND PMF G-
3.A.1.102.1 ABC ATP G-
Lipopolysaccharide 3.A.1.103.1 ABC ATP G-
9.A.1.1.1 PST PMF? G-
Teichoic acid 3.A.1.104.1ABC ATP G+ B

VII.B. Proteins

Autolysins, nucleases 1.A.28-1.A.43 Holins None B, phages
Proteins (bacterial) 1.A.22.1.1 MscL None B
Proteins (Mitol) 9.A.5.1.1Oxa1 ?Y (Mito)
Proteins (Mitol) 1.A.21.1.1 Bcl-2 None An (Mito)
Protein toxins 1.C.7; 1.C.8 None B
Proteins (redox) 2.A.64 Tat PMF B
Proteins and peptides
  (bacteriocidin, bacteriocins,
  colicin V, competence factors,
  nisin, pediosin PA-1, proteases,
  S-layer proteins, subtilin, etc.)
3.A.1.109-112ABC ATP B
Proteins 3.A.5.1-8 IISP ATP + PMFB, A, Y, An, Chloro
3.A.7.1.1 IVSP ATP B
3.A.9 CEPT ATP/PMF Chloro envelope
Proteins, flagellar
3.A.6.1.1-2 IIISP ATP B

VII.C. Nucleic acids

DNA (single stranded), DNA-protein complexes 3.A.11 DNA-T ATP B

VII.D. Lipids

Aminophospholipids 3.A.3.8.1-2 P-ATPase ATP An, Y, Fu
Glycolipids 3.A.1.114.1ABC ATP B
Lipids 3.A.6.4.2RND PMF B
Lipids (general) 3.A.1.201.1 ABC ATP B, An, Y, Fu
Lipid A 3.A.1.106.1ABC ATP B
Phospholipids 2.A.31.1.1 AE None An
3.A.1.201.1 ABC ATP B, Y, Fu, An

a Abbreviations used for types of organisms, organelles and viruses are as follows: B, Bacteria; A, Archaea; E, Eucarya; G-, Gram-negative bacteria; G+, Gram-positive bacteria; Y, yeasts; Fu, fungi; Pr, protozoans; Pl, plants; An, animals; Mito, mitochondria; Chloro, chloroplasts; ER, endoplasmic reticulum; Bp, bacteriophage; V, virus

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