Classification of Membrane Transport Proteins

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List of Families and Subfamilies of the TC System

Family 1

1. Pores and channels
1.A a-Helical channels
1.A.1Voltage-gated ion channel superfamily VIC
1.A.2Animal inward-rectifier K+ channel IRK-C
1.A.3Ryanodine-inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor Ca2+ channel RIR-CaC
1.A.4Transient receptor potential Ca2+ channel TRP-CC
1.A.5Polycystin cation channel PCC
1.A.6Epithelial Na+ channel ENaC
1.A.7ATP-gated cation channel ACC
1.A.8Major intrinsic protein MIP
1.A.9Ligand-gated ion channel of neurotransmitter receptors LIC
1.A.10Glutamate-gated ion channel of neurotransmitter receptors GIC
1.A.11Chloride channel ClC
1.A.12Organellar chloride channel O-ClC
1.A.13Epithelial chloride channel E-ClC
1.A.14Nonselective cation channel-1 NSCC1
1.A.15Nonselective cation channel-2 NSCC2
1.A.16Yeast stretch-activated, cation-selective, Ca2+ channel Mid1
1.A.17Chloroplast outer-membrane solute channel CSC
1.A.18Chloroplast membrane anion-channel-former Tic110
1.A.19Influenza virus matrix-2 channel M2-C
1.A.20gp91phox phagocyte NADPH-oxidase-associated cyt b558 H+-channel CytB
1.A.21Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2


Large-conductance mechanosensitive ion channelMscL
1.A.23Small-conductance mechanosensitive ion channel MscS
1.A.24Gap-junction-forming connexin Connexin
1.A.25Gap-junction-forming innexin Innexin
1.A.26Plant plasmodesmataPPD
1.A.27Phospholemman PLM
1.A.28Urea transporter (channel) UT
1.A.29Urea/amide channel UAC
1.A.30 H+- or Na+-translocating bacterial MotAB flagellar motor/ExbBD outer-membrane transport energizer superfamilyMot /Exb
  1.A.30.1 H+- or Na+-translocating bacterial flagellar motor Mot
  1.A.30.2 TonB-ExbB-ExbD/TolA-TolQ-TolR of energizers for outer-membrane receptor (OMR)-mediated active transport Exb
1.A.31Annexin Annexin
1.A.32Type B influenza virus NB channel NB-C
1.A.33Cation-channel-forming heat-shock protein 70 Hsp70
1.A.34Envelope virus E1 channel EVE1-C
1.A.35Metal-ion transporter (channel) MIT
1.A.36Intracellular chloride channel ICC

1.B b-Strand porins
1.B.1 General bacterial porin GBP
1.B.2 Chlamydial porin CP
1.B.3 Sugar porin SP
1.B.4 Brucella-Rhizobium porin BRP
1.B.5 Pseudomonas OprP porin POP
1.B.6 OmpA-OmpF porin OOP
1.B.7 Rhodobacter PorCa porin RPP
1.B.8 Mitochondrial and plastid porin MPP
1.B.9 FadL outer-membrane protein FadL
1.B.10 Nucleoside-specific channel-forming outer-membrane porin Tsx
1.B.11 Outer-membrane fimbrial usher porin FUP
1.B.12 Autotransporter AT
1.B.13 Alginate export porin AEP
1.B.14 Outer-membrane receptor OMR
1.B.15 Raffinose porin RafY
1.B.16 Short-chain amide and urea porin SAP
1.B.17 Outer-membrane factor OMF
1.B.18 Outer-membrane auxiliary protein OMA
1.B.19 Glucose-selective OprB porin OprB
1.B.20 Two-partner secretion porin TPS
1.B.21 OmpG porin OmpG
1.B.22 Outer-bacterial-membrane secretin Secretin
1.B.23 Cyanobacterial porin CBP
1.B.24 Mycobacterial porinMBP
1.B.25 Outer-membrane porin OPr
1.B.26 Cyclodextrin porin CDP
1.B.27 Helicobacter outer membrane porin Hop
1.B.28 Plastid outer-envelope porin of 24 kDa OEP24
1.B.29 Plastid outer-envelope porin of 21 kDa OEP21
1.B.30 Plastid outer-envelope porin of 16 kDa OEP16
1.B.31 Campylobacter jejuni major outer membrane porinMomP
1.B.32 Fusobacterial outer-membrane porinFomP
1.B.33 Vibrio chitoporin/Neisseria porin VC/NP
1.B.34 Corynebacterial porinPorA

1.C Pore-forming toxins
1.C.1 Channel-forming colicin Colicin
1.C.2Channel-forming d-endotoxin insecticidal crystal protein ICP
1.C.3a-Hemolysin channel-forming toxin aHL
1.C.4 Aerolysin channel-forming toxin Aerolysin
1.C.5 Channel-forming e-toxin e-Toxin
1.C.6 Yeast killer toxin K1YKT-K1
1.C.7 Diphtheria toxinDT
1.C.8 Botulinum and tetanus toxin BTT
1.C.9 Vacuolating cytotoxin VacA
1.C.10 Pore-forming hemolysin E HlyE
1.C.11 Pore-forming RTX toxin RTX-toxin
1.C.12 Cholesterol-binding, thiol-activated cytolysinTAC
1.C.13 Channel-forming leukocidin cytotoxinCtx
1.C.14 Cytohemolysin CHL
1.C.15 Whipworm stichosome porin WSP
1.C.16 Magainin Magainin
1.C.17 Cecropin Cecropin
1.C.18 MelittinMelittin
1.C.19 Defensin Defensin
1.C.20 Nisin Nisin
1.C.21 Lacticin 481 Lacticin 481
1.C.22 Lactococcin A Lactococcin A
1.C.23 Lactocin S Lactocin S
1.C.24 Pediocin Pediocin
1.C.25 Lactococcin G Lactococcin G
1.C.26 Lactacin X Lactacin X
1.C.27 Divergicin A Divergicin A
1.C.28 AS-48 AS-48
1.C.29 Plantaricin EF Plantaricin EF
1.C.30 Plantaricin JK Plantaricin JK
1.C.31 Channel-forming colicin VColicin V
1.C.32 Amphipathic peptide mastoparanMastoparan
1.C.33 Cathilicidin Cathilicidin
1.C.34 Tachyplesin Tachyplesin
1.C.35 Amoebapore Amoebapore
1.C.36 Bacterial type III-target cell poreIIITCP
1.C.37 Lactococcin 972 Lactococcin 972
1.C.38 Pore-forming equinatoxinEquinatoxin
1.C.39 Complement protein C9 CPC9
1.C.40 Bactericidal permeability-increasing protein BPIP
1.C.41 Tripartite hemolysin BL HBL
1.C.42 Channel-forming Bacillus anthrax protective antigenBAPA
1.C.43 Earthworm lysenin toxinLysenin
1.C.44 Plant thionine PT
1.C.45 Plant defensin PD
1.C.46 C-type natriuretic peptideCNP
1.C.47 Insect defensin Insect defensin
1.C.48 Prion peptide fragment PPF
1.C.49 Cytotoxic amylin Amylin
1.C.50Amyloid b-protein peptideAbPP
1.C.51 Pilosulin Pilosulin
1.C.52 Dermaseptin Dermaseptin
1.C.53 Bacteriocin AS-48 cyclic polypeptide Bacteriocin AS-48
1.C.54 Shiga toxin B-chainST-B
1.C.55 Agrobacterial target-host cell-membrane anion channel VirE2
1.C.56 Pseudomanas syringae HrpZ target-host cell-membraneHrpZ
cation channel
1.C.57 Clostridial cytotoxinCCT
1.C.58 Microcin E492 Microcin E492

1.D Non-ribosomally synthesized channels
1.D.1 Gramicidin A channelGramicidin A
1.D.2 Syringomycin channelSyringomycin
1.D.3 Syringopeptin channelSyringopeptin
1.D.4 Tolaasin channelTolaasin
1.D.5 Alamethicin channelAlamethicin
1.D.6 Complexed polyhydroxybutyrate-Ca2+ channel cPHB-CC
1.D.7 Beticolin channelBeticolin
1.D.8 Saponin channelSaponin
1.D.9 Polyglutamine ion channel PG-IC
1.D.10 Channel-forming ceramide Ceramide

1.E Holins
1.E.1 P21 holin S P21 Holin
1.E.2 lholin SlHolin
1.E.3 P2 holin TM P2 Holin
1.E.4 LydA holin LydA Holin
1.E.5 PRD1 holin M PRD1 Holin
1.E.6 T7 holin T7 Holin
1.E.7 HP1 holin HP1 Holin
1.E.8 T4 holin T4 Holin
1.E.9 T4 Immunity holin T4 Immunity Holin
1.E.10 Bacillus subtilis j29 holin j29 Holin
1.E.11 j11 holin j11 Holin
1.E.12 jAdh holin jAdh Holin
1.E.13 jU53 holin j53 Holin
1.E.14 LrgA holin LrgA Holin
1.E.15 ArpQ holin ArpQ Holin
1.E.16 Cph1 holin Cph1 Holin
1.E.17 BlyA holin BlyA Holin
1.E.18 Lactococcus lactis phage r1t holin r1t Holin
1.E.19 Clostridium difficile TcdE holinTcdE Holin

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