Classification of Membrane Transport Proteins

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List of Families and Subfamilies of the TC System (continued)

Family 2

2. Electrochemical-Potential-Driven Transporters
2.A Transporters or Carriers (uniporters, symporters and antiporters)
2.A.1Major facilitator superfamilyMFS
  2.A.1.1 Sugar porter SP
  2.A.1.2 Drug:H+ antiporter-1 (12 transmembrane segments)DHA1
  2.A.1.3 Drug:H+ antiporter-2 (14 transmembane segments)DHA2
  2.A.1.4 Organic phosphate:Pi antiporterOPA
  2.A.1.5 Oligosaccharide,H+ symporterOHS
  2.A.1.6 Metabolite,H+ symporter MHS
  2.A.1.7 Fucose,H+ symporterFHS
  2.A.1.8 Nitrate/nitrite porter NNP
  2.A.1.9 Phosphate,H+ symporter PHS
  2.A.1.10 Nucleoside,H+ symporter NHS
  2.A.1.11 Oxalate:formate antiporter OFA
  2.A.1.12 Sialate,H+ symporterSHS
  2.A.1.13 Monocarboxylate porter MCP
  2.A.1.14 Anion,cation symporter ACS
  2.A.1.15 Aromatic acid,H+ symporter AAHS
  2.A.1.16 Siderophore-iron transporter SIT
  2.A.1.17 Cyanate porterCP
  2.A.1.18 Polyol porter PP
  2.A.1.19 Organic cation transporterOCT
  2.A.1.20 Sugar efflux transporter SET
  2.A.1.21 Drug:H+ antiporter-3 (12 transmembrane segments)DHA3
  2.A.1.22 Vesicular neurotransmitter transporter VNT
  2.A.1.23 Conjugated bile salt transporterBST
  2.A.1.24 Unknown major facilitator-1 UMF1
  2.A.1.25 Peptide-acetyl-CoA transporterPAT
  2.A.1.26 Unknown major facilitator-2 UMF2
  2.A.1.27 Phenylpropionate permease PPP
  2.A.1.28 Unknown major facilitator-3 UMF3
  2.A.1.29 Unknown major facilitator-4UMF4
  2.A.1.30 Putative abietane diterpenoid transporterADT
  2.A.1.31 Nickel resistance mediator Nre
  2.A.1.32 Putative aromatic compound/drug exporter ACDE
  2.A.1.33 Putative YqgE transporter YqgE
  2.A.1.34 Feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor FLVCR
  2.A.1.35 Fosmidomycin resistance mediator Fsr
  2.A.1.36 Acriflavin sensitivity mediatorYnfM
  2.A.1.37 Putative short-chain fatty-acid porter AtoE
2.A.2 Glycoside/pentoside/hexuronide,cation symporterGPH
2.A.3 Amino acid/polyamine-organic cation superfamilyAPC
  2.A.3.1 Amino acid transporter AAT
  2.A.3.2 Basic amino acid:polyamine antiporter APA
  2.A.3.3 Cationic amino acid transporter CAT
  2.A.3.4 Amino acid/choline transporter ACT
  2.A.3.5 Ethanolamine transporterEAT
  2.A.3.6 Archaeal/bacterial transporter ABT
  2.A.3.7 Glutamate:g-aminobutyrate antiporter GA
  2.A.3.8 l-amino acid transporter LAT
  2.A.3.9 Spore germination proteinSGP
  2.A.3.10 Yeast amino acid transporter YAT
2.A.4 Cation diffusion facilitator CDF
2.A.5 Zn2+-Fe2+ transporter (aka permease)ZIP
2.A.6 Resistance-nodulation-cell division factor superfamilyRND
  2.A.6.1 Heavy-metal exporterHME
  2.A.6.2 Hydrophobic/amphiphilic exporter-1 (mainly G- bacteria)HAE1
  2.A.6.3 Putative nodulation factor exporter NFE
  2.A.6.4 Secretory accessory protein SecDF
  2.A.6.5 Hydrophobic/amphiphilic exporter-2 (G+ bacteria)HAE2
  2.A.6.6 Eukaryotic sterol transporter EST
  2.A.6.7 Hydrophobic/amphiphilic exporter-3 (mainly Archaea)HAE3
2.A.7 Drug/metabolite transporter superfamilyDMT
  2.A.7.1 4-TMS small multidrug resistance proteinSMR
  2.A.7.2 5-TMS bacterial/archaeal transporter BAT
  2.A.7.3 10-TMS drug/metabolite exporter DME
  2.A.7.4 Plant drug/metabolite exporter P-DME
  2.A.7.5 Glucose/ribose porter GRP
  2.A.7.6 L-Rhamnose transporter RhaT
  2.A.7.7 Chloramphenicol-sensitivity protein RarD
  2.A.7.8 Caenorhabditis elegans open reading frameCEO
  2.A.7.9 Triose-phosphate transporterTPT
  2.A.7.10 UDP-N-acetylglucosamine:UMP antiporterUAA
  2.A.7.11 UDP-galactose:UMP antiporter UGA
  2.A.7.12 CMP-sialate:CMP antiporter CSA
  2.A.7.13 GDP-mannose:GMP antiporter GMA
  2.A.7.14 Plant organic cation porter (aka permease)POP
2.A.8 Gluconate,H+ symporter GntP
2.A.9 Cytochrome oxidase biogenesis factorOxa1
2.A.10 D-erythro-3-Deoxyhexulosonate a transporter KDGT
2.A.11 Citrate-Mg2+,H+ (CitM) or Citrate-Ca2+,H+ (CitH) symporter CitMHS
2.A.12 ATP:ADP antiporter AAA
2.A.13 C4-dicarboxylate importer Dcu
2.A.14 Lactate transporter (aka permease) LctP
2.A.15 Betaine/carnitine/choline transporter BCCT
2.A.16 Tellurite-resistance/dicarboxylate transporter TDT
2.A.17 Proton-dependent oligopeptide transporter POT
2.A.18 Amino acid/auxin transporter (aka permease) AAAP
2.A.19 Ca2+:cation antiporterCaCA
2.A.20 Inorganic phosphate transporter PiT
2.A.21 Solute,Na+ symporter SSS
2.A.22 Neurotransmitter,Na+ symporter NSS
2.A.23 Dicarboxylate/amino acid,cation (Na+ or H+) symporter DAACS
2.A.24 Citrate,cation symporter CCS
2.A.25 Alanine/glycine,cation symporter AGCS
2.A.26 Branched-chain amino acid,cation symporterLIVCS
2.A.27 Glutamate,Na+ symporter ESS
2.A.28 Bile acid,Na+ symporter BASS
2.A.29 Mitochondrial carrier MC
2.A.30 Cation,chloride symporter (aka cotransporter) CCC
2.A.31 Anion exchanger AE
2.A.32 Silicate transporter Sit
2.A.33 NhaA Na+:H+ antiporter NhaA
2.A.34 NhaB Na+:H+ antiporter NhaB
2.A.35 NhaC Na+:H+ antiporter NhaC
2.A.36 Univalent cation:H+ antiporter-1 CPA1
2.A.37 Univalent cation:H+ antiporter-2 CPA2
2.A.38 K+ transporter Trk
2.A.39 Nucleobase,cation symporter-1 NCS1
2.A.40 Nucleobase,cation symporter-2 NCS2
2.A.41 Concentrative nucleoside transporter CNT
2.A.42 Hydroxy/aromatic amino acid porter (aka permease)HAAAP
2.A.43 Lysosomal cystine transporter LCT
2.A.44 Formate/nitrite transporter FNT
2.A.45 Arsenite/antimonite exporterArsB
2.A.46 Benzoate,H+ symporter BenE
2.A.47 Divalent anion,Na+ symporter DASS
2.A.48 Reduced folate carrier RFC
2.A.49 Ammonium transporter Amt
2.A.50 Glycerol uptake porterGUP
2.A.51 Chromate ion transporter CHR
2.A.52 Ni2+/Co2+ transporter NiCoT
2.A.53 Sulfate porter (aka permease) SulP
2.A.54 Mitochondrial tricarboxylate carrier MTC
2.A.55 Metal ion (Mn2+/Fe2+) transporter Nramp
2.A.56 Tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic transporter TRAP-T
2.A.57 Equilibrative nucleoside transporter ENT
2.A.58 Phosphate,Na+ symporter PNaS
2.A.59 Arsenical resistance factor-3ACR3
2.A.60 Organic anion transporter OAT
2.A.61 C4-dicarboxylate importer C DcuC
2.A.62 NhaD Na+:H+ antiporter NhaD
2.A.63 Univalent cation (K+ or Na+):H+ antiporter-3 CPA3
2.A.64 Type V secretory pathway protein (twin arginine targeting) Tat
2.A.65 Bilirubin transporter BRT
2.A.66 Multi-antimicrobial extrusion factorMATE
2.A.67 Oligopeptide transporter OPT
2.A.68 p-Aminobenzoylglutamate transporter AbgT
2.A.69 Auxin efflux carrier AEC
2.A.70 Malonate,Na+ symporter MSS
2.A.71 Folate/biopterin transporter FBT
2.A.72 K+ uptake porter (aka permease)KUP
2.A.73 Inorganic carbon transporter ICT
2.A.74 4-TMS multidrug endosomal transporter MET
2.A.75 L-Lysine exporter LysE
2.A.76 Resistance factor to homoserine/threonine RhtB
2.A.77 Cadmium resistance factorCadD
2.A.78 Branched-chain amino acid exporter LIV-E
2.A.79 Threonine/serine exporter ThrE
2.A.80 Tricarboxylate transporter Tct

2.B Non-ribosomally synthesized transporters
2.B.1 Valinomycin Valinomycin
2.B.2 Monensin Monensin
2.B.3 Nigericin Nigericin
2.B.4 Macrotetrolide ntibiotic MA
2.B.5 Macrocyclic polyether MP
2.B.6 Ionomycin Ionomycin

a D-erythro-3-Deoxyhexulosonate was formerly called 2-keto-3-deoxygluconate hence the family name KDGT; it may also be described as 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-gluconate.

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