Classification of Membrane Transport Proteins

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List of Families and Subfamilies of the TC System (continued)

Family 3

3. primary active transporters
3.A P-P-bond-hydrolysis-driven transporters
3.A.1ATP-binding-cassette superfamilyABC
  ABC-type importers (all from Bacteria and Archaea)
  3.A.1.1 Carbohydrate importer-1 CUT1
  3.A.1.2 Carbohydrate importer-2 CUT2
  3.A.1.3 Polar amino acid importer PAAT
  3.A.1.4 Hydrophobic amino acid importer HAAT
  3.A.1.5 Peptide/opine/nickel importer PepT
  3.A.1.6 Sulfate importer SulT
  3.A.1.7 Phosphate importer PhoT
  3.A.1.8 Molybdate importer MolT
  3.A.1.9 Phosphonate importer PhnT
  3.A.1.10Ferric ion importer FeT
  3.A.1.11Polyamine/opine/phosphonate importer POPT
  3.A.1.12Quaternary amine importer QAT
  3.A.1.13Vitamin B12 importer VB12T
  3.A.1.14Iron chelate importer FeCT
  3.A.1.15Manganese/zinc/iron chelate importer MZT
  3.A.1.16Nitrate/nitrite/cyanate importer NitT
  3.A.1.17Taurine importer TauT
  3.A.1.18Putative cobalt importer CoT
  3.A.1.19Thiamin importer ThiT
  3.A.1.20Brachyspira iron transporter BIT
  3.A.1.21Yersiniabactin Fe3+ importer YbtPQ
  3.A.1.22Nickel importer NiT
  ABC-type exporters (bacterial)
  3.A.1.101Capsular polysaccharide exporter CPSE
  3.A.1.102Lipooligosaccharide exporter LOSE
  3.A.1.103Lipopolysaccharide exporter LPSE
  3.A.1.104Teichoic acid exporter TAE
  3.A.1.105Drug exporter-1 DrugE1
  3.A.1.106Lipid exporter LipidE
  3.A.1.107Heme exporter HemeE
  3.A.1.108b-Glucan exporter GlucanE
  3.A.1.109Protein-1 exporter Prot1E
  3.A.1.110Protein-2 exporter Prot2E
  3.A.1.111Peptide-1 exporter Pep1E
  3.A.1.112Peptide-2 exporter Pep2E
  3.A.1.113Peptide-3 exporter Pep3E
  3.A.1.114Probable glycolipid exporter DevE
  3.A.1.115Na+ exporter NatE
  3.A.1.116Microcin B17 exporter McbE
  3.A.1.117Drug exporter-2 DrugE2
  3.A.1.118Microcin J25 exporterMcjD
  3.A.1.119Drug/siderophore exporter-3 DrugE3
  3.A.1.120Drug resistance ATPase-1 Drug RA1
  3.A.1.121Drug resistance ATPase-2 Drug RA2
  ABC-type exporters (mostly eukaryotic)
  3.A.1.201Multidrug resistance exporter MDR
  3.A.1.202Cystic-fibrosis transmembrane-conductance exporterCFTR
  3.A.1.203Peroxisomal fatty acyl-CoA transporter FAT
  3.A.1.204Eye pigment precuror transporter EPP
  3.A.1.205Pleiotropic drug resistance exporter PDR
  3.A.1.206a-Factor sex pheromone exporter STE
  3.A.1.207Conjugate transporter-1 CT1
  3.A.1.208Conjugate transporter-2 CT2
  3.A.1.209Major histocompatibility complex transporter TAP
  3.A.1.210Heavy-metal transporter HMT
  3.A.1.211Cholesterol/phospholipid/retinal transporter (flippase)CPR
  3.A.1.212Mitochondrial peptide exporter MPE
3.A.2H+- or Na+-translocating F-type, V-type and A-type ATPase superfamilyF-ATPase
3.A.3P-type ATPase superfamilyP-ATPase
3.A.4 Arsenite/antimonite efflux ATPaseArsAB
3.A.5 Type II (general) secretory pathway IISP
3.A.6 Type III (virulence-related) secretory pathway IIISP
3.A.7 Type IV (conjugal DNA-protein transfer) secretory pathway IVSP
3.A.8 Mitochondrial protein translocating system (Tim-Tom) MPT
3.A.9 Chloroplast protein translocating system (Tic-Toc)CEPT
3.A.10 H+-translocating diphosphatase H+-PPase
3.A.11 Bacterial competence-related DNA transformation transporter DNA-T
3.A.12 Septal DNA translocator S-DNA-T
3.A.13 Filamentous phage exporter FPhE
3.A.14 Fimbrilin/protein exporter FPE

3.B Decarboxylation-driven transporters
3.B.1 Na+-transporting carboxylic acid decarboxylase NaT-DC

3.C Methyl-transfer-driven transporters
3.C.1 Na+-transporting methyltetrahydromethanopterin-CoM methyltransferase NaT-MMM

3.D Oxidoreduction-driven transporters
3.D.1 Proton-translocating NADH dehydrogenase NDH
3.D.2 Proton-translocating transhydrogenase PTH
3.D.3 Proton-translocating quinol-cyt c reductase superfamilyQCR
3.D.4 Proton-translocating cytochrome oxidase superfamilyCOX
3.D.5 Na+-translocating NADH-quinone dehydrogenase Na-NDH
3.D.6 Ion (H+ or Na+)-translocating NADH-ferredoxin oxidoreductase NFO
3.D.7 H2-heterodisulfide oxidoreductase HHO
3.D.8 Na+- or H+-pumping formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase FMF-DH
3.D.9 H+-translocating F420H2 dehydrogenase F420H2DH

3.E Light-driven transporters
3.E.1 Ion-translocating microbial rhodopsin MR
3.E.2 Photosynthetic reaction center PRC

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