Classification of Membrane Transport Proteins

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List of Families and Subfamilies of the TC System (continued)

Families 4 to 9

4. Group Translocators
4.A Phosphotransferases
4.A.1PTS Glucose-glucosideGlc
4.A.2 PTS Fructose-mannitol Fru
4.A.3 PTS Lactose-N,N'-diacetylchitobiose-b-glucoside Lac
4.A.4 PTS Glucitol Gut
4.A.5 PTS Galactitol Gat
4.A.6 PTS Mannose/fructose/sorbose Man

5. Transmembrane Electron Carriers
5.A Two-electron carriers
5.A.1Disulfide-bond oxidoreductase DDsbD
5.A.2 Disulfide-bond oxidoreductase B DsbB
5.B One-electron carriers
5.B.1 Phagocyte NADPH oxidaseGp91phox

(Categories 6 and 7 left empty for possible future development.)

8. Accessory Factors Involved in Transport
8.A Auxiliary transport proteins
8.A.1 Membrane fusion protein MFP
8.A.2 Secretin auxiliary lipoprotein SAL
8.A.3 Cytoplasmic membrane-periplasmic auxiliary-1 protein MPA1
plus a cytoplasmic domainMPA1-C or MPA1+C
8.A.4 Cytoplasmic membrane-periplasmic auxiliary-2 proteinMPA2
8.A.5 Voltage-gated K+ channel b-subunit VICb
8.A.6 Auxiliary nutrient transporter ANT
8.A.7 Phosphotransferase system enzyme I EI
8.A.8 Phosphotransferase system heat-stable protein HPr
8.A.9 rBAT transport accessory protein rBAT
8.A.10 Slow voltage-gated K+ channel accessory protein MinK
8.A.11 Phospholamban (Ca2+-ATPase regulator) PLB
8.A.12 ABC bacteriocin exporter accessory protein BEA
8.A.13 Tetratricopeptide repeat Tpr1

9 Incompletely Characterized Transport Systems
9.A Transporters of unknown classification
9.A.1Polysaccharide transporter PST
9.A.2Mercuric ion (Hg2+) porter-1 MerTP
9.A.3Mercuric ion (Hg2+) porter-2MerC
9.A.4Nicotinamide mononucleotide uptake porterPnuC
9.A.5Peroxisomal protein importer PPI
9.A.6Intracellular nucleoside transporter INT
9.A.7Mercuric ion (Hg2+) porter-3 MerF
9.A.8Ferrous ion uptake protein FeoB
9.A.9 Low-affinity Fe2+ transporter FeT
9.A.10 Oxidase-dependent Fe2+ transporter OFeT
9.A.11 Copper transporter-1 Ctr1
9.A.12 Copper transporter-2 Ctr2
9.A.13 Colicin J lysis factor Cjl
9.A.14 Nuclear pore complex NPC
9.A.15 Tryptophan importerYhaG
9.A.16 Lysosomal protein importer LPI
9.A.17 Pb2+ importer PbrT
9.A.18 Peptide uptake porter PUP
9.A.19 Mg2+ transporter-E MgtE
9.A.20 Low-affinity cation transporter LCT
9.A.21 DNA uptake competence factor ComC
9.A.22 NhaE Na+(K+):H+ antiporter NhaE
9.A.23 Ferroportin FP

In the present classification the categories appearing in the introductory table on transport mechanisms are included as follows: 1.2 and 2.1 in Class 1 (Pores and channels), 2.2.1 and 2.2.3 in Subclass 2.A (Porters), 2.2.2 in Class 3 (Primary active transporters) and 2.3 in Class 4 (Group translocators). Categories 1.1, 1.3, 1.4 and 2.4 are not included in the present system.

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