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Accepted name: methanesulfonate monooxygenase (NADH)

Reaction: methanesulfonate + NADH + H+ + O2 = formaldehyde + NAD+ + sulfite + H2O

Glossary: methanesulfonate = CH3-SO3
formaldehyde = H-CHO

Other name(s): mesylate monooxygenase; mesylate,reduced-FMN:oxygen oxidoreductase; MsmABC; methanesulfonic acid monooxygenase; MSA monooxygenase; MSAMO

Systematic name: methanesulfonate,NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase

Comments: A flavoprotein. Methanesulfonate is the simplest of the sulfonates and is a substrate for the growth of certain methylotrophic microorganisms. Compared with EC, alkanesulfonate monooxygenase, this enzyme has a restricted substrate range that includes only the short-chain aliphatic sulfonates (methanesulfonate to butanesulfonate) and excludes all larger molecules, such as arylsulfonates [1]. The enzyme from the bacterium Methylosulfonomonas methylovora is a multicomponent system comprising a hydroxylase, a reductase (MsmD) and a ferredoxin (MsmC). The hydroxylase has both large (MsmA) and small (MsmB) subunits, with each large subunit containing a Rieske-type [2Fe-2S] cluster. cf. EC, methanesulfonate monooxygenase (FMNH2).

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1. de Marco, P., Moradas-Ferreira, P., Higgins, T.P., McDonald, I., Kenna, E.M. and Murrell, J.C. Molecular analysis of a novel methanesulfonic acid monooxygenase from the methylotroph Methylosulfonomonas methylovora. J. Bacteriol. 181 (1999) 2244-2251. [PMID: 10094704]

2. Higgins, T.P., Davey, M., Trickett, J., Kelly, D.P. and Murrell, J.C. Metabolism of methanesulfonic acid involves a multicomponent monooxygenase enzyme. Microbiology 142 (1996) 251-260. [PMID: 8932698]

[EC created 2009 as EC, transferred 2010 to EC, modified 2016]

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