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Accepted name: kanosamine kinase

Reaction: ATP + kanosamine = ADP + kanosamine 6-phosphate

Glossary: kanosamine = 3-amino-3-deoxy-D-glucose

Other name(s): rifN (gene name)

Systematic name: ATP:kanosamine 6-phosphotransferase

Comments: The enzyme from the bacterium Amycolatopsis mediterranei is specific for kanosamine.

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1. Arakawa, K., Muller, R., Mahmud, T., Yu, T.W. and Floss, H.G. Characterization of the early stage aminoshikimate pathway in the formation of 3-amino-5-hydroxybenzoic acid: the RifN protein specifically converts kanosamine into kanosamine 6-phosphate. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 124 (2002) 10644-10645. [PMID: 12207505]

[EC created 2013]

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