Calvin Cycle

(regeneration of ribulose bisphosphate)

The carbon fixation part of the Calvin cycle (to see click here) showed how:

3 ribulose bisphosphate + 3 CO2 + 6 ATP + 6 NADPH + 3 H2O = 6 glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate + 6 NADP+ + 6 ADP + 6 phosphate

The stages below show how the cycle is completed by 5 molecules of glyceraldehyde phosphate being converted into 3 molecules of ribulose 5-phosphate and 2 molecules of phosphate. The scheme below shows how this can occur.

Thus the overall net reaction is:

3 CO2 + 9 ATP + 6 NADPH+ + 5 H2O = glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate + 6 NADP + 9 ADP + 8 phosphate

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The [C2] units are transferred from a ketose to an aldose by EC transketolase. For structures see reaction scheme.

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