Biosynthesis of Diterpenoids from ent-Copalyl Diphosphate

[ent-Kaurene, ent-Cassa-12,15-diene, ent-Sandaracopimaradiene, ent-Pimara-8(14),15-diene, and ent-Pimara-9(11),15-diene]

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diterpenoids biosynthesis
ent-cassa-12,15-dienol biosynthesis
epoxydolabranol biosynthesis
geranylgeranyl diphosphate biosynthesis
gibberellin biosynthesis
oryzalexin biosynthesis
EC ent-isokaurene C2-hydroxylase
EC ent-kaurene synthase mechanism
EC ent-cassa-12,15-diene synthase
EC ent-sandaracopimaradiene synthase
EC ent-pimara-8(14),15-diene synthase
EC ent-pimara-9(11),15-diene synthase
EC ent-isokaurene synthase mechanism
EC ent-atiserene synthase mechanism
EC dolabradiene synthase mechanism
EC ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase