Enzyme Nomenclature

Terpenoid Reaction Schemes


mevalonate biosynthesis
archaeal mevalonate pathway
non-mevalonate terpenoid biosynthesis
terpenoid biosynthesis
EC isoprene synthase
EC vomifoliol 4'-dehydrogenase

monoterpenoid biosynthesis
EC dimethylallylcistransferase
EC chrysanthemyl diphosphate synthase
EC lavandulyl diphosphate synthase
acyclic monoterpenoids biosynthesis
   secologanin biosynthesis
bornane monoterpenoids biosynthesis
   camphor catabolism
menthane monoterpenoids biosynthesis
   (+)-carvone biosynthesis
   1,8-cineole catabolism
   limonene catabolism
      limonene catabolism
   (–)-carvone, perillyl aldehyde and pulegone biosynthesis
      menthol biosynthesis
      carvone catabolism
thujane monoterpenoids biosynthesis

sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis
(2Z,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase
(2Z,6Z)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase
acyclic sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis
   juvenile hormone biosynthesis
artemisinin biosynthesis
bisabolene and related sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis
   bicyclic sesquiterpenoids from bisabolyl cation
   tricyclic sesquiterpenoids from bisabolyl cation
      albaflavenone biosynthesis
drimenol metabolites
germacrene and related sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis
   avermitilol and bicyclogermacrene biosynthesis
   cadinane sesquiterpenoids biosynthesis
   ent-cadinane sesquiterpenoids biosynthesis
      corvol ether A and corvol ether B biosynthesis
   costunolide biosynthesis
   eremophilane and spirovetivane biosynthesis
      solavetivone biosynthesis
      capsidol biosynthesis
   eudesmol and selinene biosynthesis
   guaiene, gurjunene and patchoulol biosynthesis
   guaiadienes biosynthesis
   10-epi-juneol biosynthesis
   valerena-4,7(11)-diene biosynthesis
ent-germacrane sesquiterpenoids biosynthesis
humulene and related sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis
   bicyclic and tricyclic sesquiterpenoids from humuladienyl cation
      pentalenolactone biosynthesis
   zerumbone biosynthesis
(+)-isoafricanol biosynthesis
zealexin biosynthesis

diterpenoid biosynthesis
EC 10-hydroxytaxane O-acetyltransferase
EC phorbol-diester hydrolase
abietane diterpenoids biosynthesis
   carnosic acid, salviol and suginol biosynthesis
acyclic diterpenoid biosynthesis
archaetidylserine biosynthesis
cembrene and related diterpenoids biosynthesis
9α-copalyl diphosphate derived diterpenoids biosynthesis
ent-copalyl diphosphate derived diterpenoids biosynthesis
   gibberellin A12 biosynthesis
   hydroxycassadiene biosynthesis
   oryzalexin biosynthesis
fusicoccane diterpenoids biosynthesis
   sordarin biosynthesis
hydroxylabdenyl diphosphate derived diterpenoids biosynthesis
(+)-kolavenyl diphosphate derived diterpenoids biosynthesis
(–)-kolavenyl diphosphate derived diterpenoids biosynthesis
labdane diterpenoids biosynthesis
miscellaneous diterpenoids biosynthesis
pimarane and phyllocladane diterpenoids biosynthesis
taxadiene hydroxylation biosynthesis
   taxol biosynthesis
terpentedienyl diphosphate derived diterpenoids biosynthesis
tuberculosinol biosynthesis

sesterterpenoid biosynthesis

squalene, phytoene and 4,4'-diapophytoene biosynthesis
Botryococcus braunii BOT22 squalene and botrycoccene biosynthesis
β-amyrin, β-seco-amyrin, 11-oxo-β-amyrin biosynthesis
   glycyrrhenate biosynthesis
   hydroxy-β-amyrins biosynthesis
   soyasapogenol biosynthesis
arabidiol, camellidiol and thalianol biosynthesis
baccharis oxide, baruol and shionone biosynthesis
dammarenediol II and tirucalla-7,24-dien-3β-ol biosynthesis
friedelin, glutinol, isomultiflorenol and taraxerol biosynthesis
hopene biosynthesis
cucurbitadienol, cycloartenol, lanosterol and prostadienol biosynthesis
   cucurbitadienol metabolites
lupeol and lupan-3β,20-diol biosynthesis
α onocerin biosynthesis
α-amyrin, α-seco-amyrin and germanicol biosynthesis
protopanaxadiol ginsenosides ginsenosidases
protopanaxatriol ginsenosides ginsenosidases

EC petromyzonol sulfotransferase
EC scymnol sulfotransferase
EC protodioscin 26-O-β-D-glucosidase
EC biosynthesis
EC cholesterol-5,6-oxide hydrolase
cholesterol biosynthesis
      sterol ring A modification
      sterol ring B, C, D modification
EC sterol 27-β-glucosyltransferase
            calciferol biosynthesis
      sterol sidechain modification
      cholesterol catabolism
cholyl-CoA, chenodeoxycholoyl-CoA and lithocholoyl-CoA biosynthesis
      sterol ring A, B, C modification
      sterol sidechain modification
cholic acid conjugates biosynthesis
deoxycholate and related bile acids biosynthesis
diosgenin catabolism
glycochenodeoxycholate sulfotransferase biosynthesis
plant sterol biosynthesis

squalene, phytoene and 4,4'-diapophytoene biosynthesis
C30-carotenoids biosynthesis

sesquarterpenoids biosynthesis

squalene, phytoene and 4,4'-diapophytoene biosynthesis
carotenoid biosynthesis (higher plant and Cyanobacteria)
carotenoid biosynthesis (other organisms)
      aromatic carotenoid biosynthesis
      bacterioruberin biosynthesis
      neurosporaxanthin biosynthesis
      spheroidene biosynthesis
      spirilloxanthin biosynthesis
            2,2'-dioxospirilloxanthin biosynthesis
α-, β-, γ-, δ- and ε-carotene biosynthesis (mechanism)
      canthaxanthin biosynthesis
      8'-apo-β-carotenal biosynthesis
      10'-apo-β-carotenal biosynthesis
      lutein biosynthesis
      retinal and derivatives biosynthesis
      strigol biosynthesis
      zeaxanthin biosynthesis
            astaxanthin biosynthesis
            crocin biosynthesis
            xanthophyll cycle
                  neoxanthin biosynthesis (mechanism)
                  abscisic acid biosynthesis

all-trans-polyprenol biosynthesis
trans-polycis-polyprenol biosynthesis
ditrans- and tritrans-polycis-polyprenol biosynthesis
polycis-polyprenol biosynthesis

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