Germacrene Sesquiterpenoid Biosynthesis

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See also biosynthesis of sesquiterpenoids based on bisabolene and humulene, also acyclic sesquiterpenoids.
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avermitilol and bicyclogermacrene biosynthesis
cadinane sequiterpenoid biosynthesis
ent-cadinane sequiterpenoid biosynthesis
costunolide biosynthesis
eremophilane and spirovetivane sequiterpenoid biosynthesis
eudesmol and selinene biosynthesis
farnesyl diphosphate biosynthesis
ent-germacrene biosynthesis
guaiadienes biosynthesis
10-epi-juneol biosynthesis
sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis
valerena-4,7(11)-diene biosynthesis
EC germacradienol synthase (mechanism)
EC germacrene-A synthase
EC germacrene B synthase
EC germacrene C synthase
EC (–)-germacrene D synthase
EC (+)-germacrene D synthase
EC kunzeaol synthase
EC geosmin synthase mechanism